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Sound Editor

Sound Editor has been developed using Quick Basic. The project is a Standalone application. This existing application gathers all the sound port address and set access to related once.

The application is to allow the End user to view general wave form with related sound produced by the internal speaker and able to edit, modify and save the file as “.RSE” for the related external sound file and “.RSI”. Sound is produced from port 97 (internal speaker) by inputting the frequency and bandwidth from user formula. User can edit, modify and save the formulas more over some built in formulas are written for sine, cos, tan, cot, etc waves.


* To produce sound from internal speaker by communicating with port 97 using quick basic language.
* To have wave signal for analysis of the sound wave bandwidth and frequency.
* According to user formula the wave signals of frequency and bandwidth should gathered.
* Sound file should be savable and re loadable in future.

Note: This is my own project creation in my academics.

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