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Data Mart Management System

This Data Mart Management Software project mainly deals with automating the tasks of maintaining and transacting the goods. In the Warehouse System inventory management is the key process. This process includes the activities such as maintenance of stock details, maintenance of receipts and items etc. It is a tedious job to maintain all these details manually. Hence we opted to automate the Warehouse Management System. This project undergoes 5 modules,
1. Master maintenance
2. Receiving
3. Shipment
4. Billing
5. Reports
The Administrator has the privileges to maintain different types of Products, Suppliers, and Sub Location in-charges Database in the warehouse. He is concerned with registration of Suppliers, Sub-Location In-charge, and Addition of Products. The Sub location in-charges have privilege to maintain Products which are transformed from Administrator and registration of Retailers and all operations on these two databases.
The Retailer has privileges to maintain Products at the corresponding Retailer. The supplier has privileges to maintain parts Database and he can add parts and delete parts.

Involved in writing test cases for Billing, Reports module.
Created data base tables, queries and stored procedures.
Implemented the server-side functionality for Billing, Reports Module.
Involved in developing JSP pages and validations for Billing, Reports Module.
Involved in developing charts and printing control using flex.

Skills:- Flash, Action Script, Jsp, Servlets, Apache Tomcat 5.5 & ORACLE 10G

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