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Javafx description

JavaFX Script, the scripting component of JavaFX, began life as a project by Chris Oliver called F3.
Sun Microsystems first announced JavaFX at the JavaOne Worldwide Java Developer conference on May 2007.
In May 2008 Sun Microsystems announced plans to deliver JavaFX for the browser and desktop by the third quarter of 2008, and JavaFX for mobile devices in the second quarter of 2009. Sun also announced a multi-year agreement with On2 Technologies to bring comprehensive video capabilities to the JavaFX product family using the company’s TrueMotion Video codec.
Since end of July 2008, developers could download a preview of the JavaFX SDK for Windows and Macintosh, as well as the JavaFX plugin for NetBeans 6.1. On December 42008 Sun released JavaFX 1.0.

JavaFX 1.1

JavaFX for mobile development was finally made available as part of the JavaFX 1.1 release announced officially on February 12 2009.

JavaFX 1.2

JavaFX 1.2 was released at JavaOne on June 2, 2009. This release introduced:

What is JavaFX?

JavaFX is a rich client platform for building cross-device applications and content. Designed to enable easy creation and deployment of rich internet applications (RIAs) with immersive media and content, the JavaFX platform ensures that RIAs look and behave consistently across diverse form factors and devices.
The JavaFX platform release includes the following components:
  • JavaFX SDK which includes the JavaFX compiler and runtime tools, graphics, media, web services, and rich text libraries to create RIAs for the desktop, browser and mobile platforms.
  • NetBeans IDE for JavaFX which provides a sophisticated integrated development environment for building, previewing, and debugging JavaFX applications. The editor features a drag-and-drop palette to quickly add JavaFX objects with transformations, effects and animation. This IDE also comes with its own set of Building Block samples and the JavaFX Mobile Emulator, a mobile phone simulator.
  • JavaFX Production Suite is a suite of tools and plugins that enable designers to export graphical assets to JavaFX applications.
Read the Develop Expressive Content With JavaFX Platform document to learn more about what JavaFX technology has to offer you.

see for more details http://blogs.sun.com/javafx/

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