Hi friends,

This is Thulasiram, experience in HTML5 jQuery, Angularjs, NodeJs, Grunt js, Yeoman, expressjs, Adobe Flex, Adobe Air, Action Script with Java, Salesforce, for Web, Desktop, AndroidBlackBerryIphone, Tablet PC Developments. I am maintaining this blog for publishing latest updates of software technologies and concepts. To see thesis which I written and posted in web please click here.
My other blogs


  • Developing free tools and software using Flex / Air with Java, Salesforce, for Web, Desktop, Android, BlackBerry, Iphone, Tablet PC.
  • Writing technical papers on general concepts (Universe, power generation).
  • Playing computer games, chatting, maintaining blog, Listening music.
  • Web surfing, collecting and modifying/ manipulating software’s.

Personal Details:

Marital Status : Not Yet Married
Languages Known : English, Telugu, Hindi
Current Place : Hyderabad, India

Note: Don’t use my personal information for any non professional works.
Don’t do unnecessary mailings or phone calls to me.

  1. narasimha
    May 21, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    hi i am narasimha from proddatur this site is very useful for many people i expect regular updation of this site

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