Lend my innovative ideas in developing next-generation rich standalone and web-based application.

Professional Skills:

Programming Languages : C , Quick Basic , Visual Basic , Java
GUI Interface : Photoshop , Ulead Cool3D, MS-Office, Flash
Processor Interface : 8086 Processor by Turbo Assembler(8086 Emulator)
Web Technologies : HTML , DHTML, CSS, XML, Flex, Air, Salesforce
Client Side Script’s : Java Script , Action Script
Server Side Script’s : JSP, Servlets, PHP
Data Base : ORACLE, My SQL, MS Access, MS SQL
Servers : Apache Tomcat, Apache2Traid, Wamp
Platforms : MS-DOS , UNIX , WINDOWS, Ubuntu, Android
IDE : Flex/Flash Builder, Adobe Dreamweaver, My Eclipse
Typing : English 55WPM


  • Passionate about learning new technologies can easily adapt to suit needs.
  • A Good Team Player with Leadership qualities.
  • Ability to handle crunch situations and adapt to any environment.
  • Quick learner, Innovative thinker, highly motivated.
  • Possess good analytical, technical problem solving skills.
  • Can take independent responsibility.
  • Strong desire to work in various platforms according to requirements and eagerness to learn.


  • Developing free tools and software using flex (AIR), collecting software’s.
  • Writing technical papers on general concepts (Universe, power generation).
  • Playing computer games, chatting, maintaining blog, Listening music.

Updated on 15 March 2011.

Note: Reference able on request.

Note: Don’t use my personal information for any non professional works.

Don’t do unnecessary mailings or phone calls to me

· Strong knowledge in creating database and writing PL/SQL queries.

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